Gavi: the hidden treasure of the Piedmont hills


If you are looking for an authentic experience in the heart of Piedmont, look no further: Gavi is your hidden treasure.

This charming Italian municipality is famous not only for its production of high-quality Gavi DOCG wine but also for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

In this article, we will delve into the culinary delights, age-old traditions, and natural wonders of Gavi. You will discover why this Piedmontese gem deserves a special place on your list of destinations to visit.

Are you ready to explore Gavi and all it has to offer? Let’s begin our journey into the enchanting world of Gavi.

Table of contents

  1. The terroir of Gavi
  2. Broglia
  3. La Scolca
  4. Cascina Binè

The terroir of Gavi

Gavi Cortese

The territory of Gavi DOCG is a hidden gem in the heart of the Piedmont hills, offering a unique wine experience. This area, simply known as ‘Gavi,’ is renowned for its sun-kissed vineyards and limestone soils ideal for cultivating the Cortese grape, the star of the famous Gavi wine.

Here, vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, framed by picturesque hillside landscapes dotted with medieval castles and historic villages. Gavi boasts a temperate climate that contributes to the production of high-quality grapes, giving rise to a wine characterized by distinctive freshness and a charming floral bouquet.

The combination of a unique terroir, deep-rooted winemaking tradition, and breathtaking landscapes makes Gavi a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty. In this article, we will explore in detail the wonders of Gavi, from the vineyard to the bottle.

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The history of Broglia began in 1972 when Bruno Broglia purchased ‘La Meirana,’ located in the heart of the Gavi territory, initiating work that soon proved to be exceptional. In 1974, the year the DOC designation was awarded to Gavi, the first wine under the Broglia label was bottled. Currently, the company owns 65 hectares of vineyards, all dedicated to the Cortese grape variety.

From the beginning, the Broglia winery focused on innovation in the cellar. In collaboration with the University of Milan, they conducted pioneering research on the production of white wines without the addition of sulfur dioxide. Additionally, they conducted clonal research in partnership with the University of Turin and established a collaboration with Professor Donato Lanati, a member of the OIV, as the responsible winemaker.

Today, the third generation of the Broglia family manages the age-old name ‘La Meirana’, represented by Roberto and Filippo, sons of Piero, who served in the Parliament during the XII Legislature and chaired the Gavi Consortium for the Protection of Gavi for two terms, and Bruno, son of Paolo.

In this historic setting, you can immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere through guided tours, strolls in the vineyards, and views from the gardens that overlook the entire property. Afterward, you can taste the most representative wines of the Broglia estate or wines that evolve and mature beautifully over time.

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La Scolca

La Scolca

La Scolca is a symbol of timeless quality. Giorgio Soldati’s great-grandfather acquired it in 1919 by the current owner, who now manages it alongside his daughter Chiara Soldati, representing the fourth generation.

In this company, the past and the future coexist harmoniously, blending the authenticity of those deeply rooted in this world with the vision and energy of those who courageously look ahead. The choice of names holds a special meaning: the name of the estate, ‘Sfurca,’ derives from the ancient toponym meaning ‘Looking far,’ reflecting its history as a lookout point.

La Scolca offers experiences for every wine lover, from those reserved for those under 30 to the most exclusive tastings dedicated to the famous D’Antan labels, wines with long aging, perfect for special occasions.

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Cascina Binè

Cascina Binè

Binè is a family-run winery located in Novi Ligure, one of the 11 municipalities in the Gavi DOCG wine region. Their main focus is on producing high-quality wines, using exclusively the grapes grown on their 11 hectares of vineyards, which make up a single large plot surrounding Cascina Binè, the place where the winemaking process takes place.

Stringent control is exercised over all stages of the production process, from grape cultivation to bottling the wines. A family member  oversees all the vineyard activities with the support of the expertise of other family members. A third family member manages sales, both in Italy and abroad, and winery hospitality along with other collaborators.

At Cascina Binè, you will embark on a journey to understand how different terroirs and winemaking techniques influence the creation of wines with strong personalities. You will be guided through the rows of the ‘Vigna Rotonda’ vineyard, and after visiting the winemaking cellar, you will arrive at the tasting room to discover the various nuances of their most iconic wines.

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