Macerated Wines: the charm of traditional processing

Macerated Wines

Welcome to the fascinating world of macerated wines, where every sip is an exciting discovery for your palate. Join us in exploring a realm where art meets tradition, and grapes transform into pure magic.

We will guide you through a unique sensory journey, unveiling the secret behind the explosion of intense aromas and flavors that define these extraordinary wines. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of this ancient winemaking practice?

Table of Contents

  1. The maceration process and production of macerated wines
  2. Sensory characteristics and pairings of macerated wines
  3. The revival of macerated wines and current trends
  4. Beconcini
  5. Toscani
  6. Caruso & Minini

The maceration process and the production of macerated wines

Macerated Wines

Macerated wines represent a fascinating category within the world of winemaking, thanks to their unique production method. The term “macerated wines” introduces us to a universe of aromas, flavors, and traditions. But what makes this type of wine unique? The answer lies in the maceration process.

Maceration is a crucial phase in the production of macerated wines. During this process, grape skins are left in contact with the grape juice (must) for an extended period of time. This allows the extraction of color, tannins, and aromas from the grape skins into the juice, giving the wine its distinctive character.

The duration of maceration varies depending on the type of grape used and the desired flavor profile. Some macerated wines can remain in contact with the skins for days or even weeks, allowing for a greater extraction of compounds and resulting in wines with significant structure and complexity. This process requires close attention from the winemaker, who must carefully monitor the fermentation and control the extraction times.

Sensory characteristics and pairings of macerated wines

Macerated Wines

The sensory characteristics of macerated wines make them fascinating for wine lovers. Thanks to the extended maceration, these wines exhibit a concentration of aromas and a unique color intensity. The aromatic profile of macerated wines can range from fruity and floral notes to spicy and earthy nuances, offering a wide range of sensory experiences.

Furthermore, macerated wines are often characterized by a robust tannic structure, which gives them excellent aging potential. Over the years, these wines can develop complexity and smoothness, providing increasingly rich tasting experiences.

As for gastronomic pairings, macerated wines pair well with structured and flavorful dishes. Their aromatic complexity and the presence of tannins make them ideal companions for red meats, aged cheeses, and richly flavored dishes.

Macerated wines are also perfect for traditional cuisine and long-cooked dishes, as they can harmoniously integrate with intense flavors and bold seasonings.

The revival of macerated wines and current trends

Macerated Wines

In recent years, there has been a revival of macerated wines, thanks to the growing interest in traditional winemaking techniques and a minimalist approach. Wine producers are rediscovering the allure of this method of production and experimenting with different grape varieties and varying maceration times.

Furthermore, macerated wines are particularly appreciated by consumers seeking natural and organic wines. This type of production, which emphasizes limited use of additives and oenological interventions, aligns perfectly with the trend toward sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture.

In conclusion, macerated wines represent a fascinating world of traditions and intense flavors. Their artisanal production, distinctive aromatic profile, and versatility in gastronomic pairings make them an intriguing choice for wine enthusiasts.

With the resurgence of this winemaking technique, macerated wines are gaining more and more space in wine shops around the world, satisfying the palates of the most discerning and curious consumers.



The history of the Beconcini winery began in the early 1990s when Pietro took over from his father definitively. In 1995, he decided to embark on this adventure with the first vintage of pure Sangiovese.

His work has always been guided by two fundamental constants: consistency in the choices made and humility in the continuous desire to learn.

Today, by finding the right balance between these two principles, he shares his passion for his work through various cellar experiences.

You will have the opportunity to taste wines from the Tuscan tradition and innovative wines born from the producer’s curiosity.

Book your cellar experience at Beconcini now!



Toscani is located at 350 meters above sea level on the hills of Casale Marittimo, a small village on the Tuscan coast just a few kilometers from Bolgheri.

Founded in 1968, it has developed over the years to include one of the most picturesque vineyards in the area: a natural amphitheater with Syrah and Cabernet Franc vines, from which wines are produced using organic farming methods.

In addition to wine, they produce olive oil from 4,000 century-old olive trees, raise free-range Sienese Cinta pigs, and breed Quarter Horses.

The proximity to the sea, the altitude, the light, and the wind make this company a magical place to discover, where you can taste numerous wines of their production.

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Caruso & Minini

caruso e minini




Caruso & Minini was born from the merger of two families who, in 2000, decided to establish a winery in the far western part of Sicily, Marsala.

This was an ambitious venture that involved, on one hand, sales professionals and, on the other hand, the agricultural tradition of the Caruso family.

Today, their wines are available in more than 30 countries worldwide, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to visit their winery.

You can taste their wines paired with numerous dishes from the Sicilian tradition and embark on a sensory and tasting journey that will surprise you from the very first moment.

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