Salento vacations: 7 winery experiences you can’t miss

With a wide range of options to choose from, Salento offers an unforgettable wine experience for wine lovers and curious explorers alike. From breathtaking landscapes to exclusive tastings, Puglia’s wineries promise to delight the senses and nourish the soul.

In this article, we take you through an exciting journey to discover 7 winery experiences in Salento.

Get ready to be won over not only by delicious wines, but also by the warm hospitality and timeless beauty of this fascinating land.

Yes, it’s time to start our Puglia Wine Tour that will take you between Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce…are you ready to go?


Aperitour vicino a Brindisi

aperitivo in cantina in Salento

If you are an aperitif lover and you are near Brindisi, you cannot miss the Aperitour in the heart of Salento, in the company of the renowned wines of Cantine Paololeo.

The tour will lead you to discover the winery and the characteristic vineyards.You’ll have the opportunity to taste the best labels of Cantine Paololeo in harmonious combination with an authentic Salento aperitif.

After the visit, a tasting of 3 fine wines from the range will follow, accompanied by local cured meats and cheeses, bruschettas topped with typical local preserves. In addition, you can delight yourself with a glass of Krikò raisin wine or grappa barricata, paired with desserts from the Orpheus Line, ending with a pleasant coffee.

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Taste in Light Lunch

cantine paololeo nel sud della puglia

If you are looking for a light lunch near Brindisi, the Light Lunch Tasting is for you! 

You’ll begin the experience with a tour that will take you through the winery and characteristic vineyards of Cantine Paololeo, one of Puglia’s most important wineries, for an educational and engaging experience.

The tasting will be the highlight of this experience, with the opportunity to taste 4 wines, including whites, rosés and reds, paired with a light lunch of typical Salento products. You will taste local cured meats and cheeses, bruschettas topped with typical preserves, tarallini, hill olives, fried broad beans and chicories. To finish, you can delight yourself with a glass of passito wine or grappa, paired with desserts from their Orpheus Line.

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Taralvino da Cantine Paololeo

If you want a lighter alternative to lunch but still want to savor the traditions of Puglia, we recommend the Taralwine experience in Brindisi. Take part in an authentic and informative wine tasting in Salento. Here tradition, innovation, and Salento delicacies are harmoniously combined with the wines of Cantine Paololeo.

Following the guided tour you will be treated to 3 wines by the glass, selected from whites, rosés and reds (from the varietal, classic, organic and highlands lines), accompanied by tarallini and cellar olives from km0. You will then end the experience on a high note with a glass of Krikò raisin wine or grappa.

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Guided tour with tasting near Lecce

Castel di Salve - degustazione salento

We now move to the province of Lecce where we find Castel di Salve, a winery founded in 1885 by Antonio Winspeare and now run by Francesco, his great-grandson.

During the tour you will be taken through the various production premises and take a walk through the vineyards. Next you will see the impressive underground cooperage where their prestigious red wine reserves mature.

Finally you will have the opportunity to taste 5 of their most celebrated wines at the tasting room. 

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Wine Tour and Wine Tasting

If yor are in Taranto, an essential stop is the wonderful Masseria Cuturi, a place that exudes history, tradition and passion.

During your visit you will have the opportunity to take a walk from the vineyard to the winery. Together with an expert guide who will tell you the history and secrets of wine production. You will explore the barrels and aging tanks, breathing in the magical atmosphere of this place.

The tour will culminate with a guided tasting of 5 wines, which will take place in the charming environment of the old oil mill. Alternatively, the same experience can take place ending with a guided tasting of 3 labels.

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Wine Aperitif near Taranto

cantina bosco con masseria - cantine in salento

If you are near Taranto and in the mood for a good aperitif, you can join a tour that begins with a visit to Varvaglione 1921. You’ll go through the entire process up to bottling and the cellar where the wines rest.

Next, you will visit the family’s 1600 Masseria, an architectural jewel surrounded by the unique colors of Apulian nature. Here you will taste 3 cocktails prepared with wines from the 12emezzo collection accompanied by traditional Apulian gastronomic specialties.

The tour requires a minimum of 5 people.

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Smart Tasting: a trip through Salento

If you are not the one to go to Salento, Salento will be the one to come to your home! The Smart Tasting is an online experience that takes you directly to the Varvaglione 1921 winery.

This will allow you to taste 3 of their wines without having to move from your home. Simply select the date and time of your video call with the winemaker, choose your preferred language, and wait for the bottles to be delivered to the address you provide.

Within 7-9 business days, you will receive the bottles and a link to participate in the real-time guided tasting. The offer also includes free shipping within Italy. This is a unique opportunity to have an authentic and exciting experience, just as if you were in the winery. 

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At there are so many experiences to choose from! If you’re undecided or looking for something in particular, go to the list of all the Puglia experiences to choose the one that’s right for you.

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