The most beautiful wineries close to holiday destinations

wine experience close to famous holiday destinations

Those who choose Italy for their summer holidays, might opt for the regions, like Apulia, Campania, Sicily, Trentino alto Adige and Veneto that register a high flow of tourists every year. That’s why we decided to choose among hundreds of wineries present on our website and select some special ones for each of the most visited regions, wineries close to the most famous holiday destinations.

Wine tourism is in fact growing each year and people are starting desiring to dive more deeply into the culture and products of the places they visit. Here’s a selection of wineries that will make you discover Italy in its highest quality productions.

In Trentino Alto Adige, a winery for mountain lovers

wineryand wine tasting in trentino alto adige

When deciding holiday destinations, there’s always someone preferring the mountains. Fresh open air, nature and uncrowded places are some of the reasons why mountain holidays are always relaxing and refreshing. In less than half an hour from Bozen, one of the most loved destinations as it is a pivot point of the region, we can find one of the most exclusive wineries in Alto Adige. For over a century, Pfitscher has been run by the homonym family. It stands out for its modern structure, able to respect the nature in which it is inserted and offer tastings of high quality wines with a breathtaking view.

Discover Trentino’s wine experiences.

Tasting your holiday in a winery in Veneto

wine tastings close to venice

Veneto, thanks to the high popularity of Venice, is one of the most visited Italian region. One of the most loved touristic places on the coast is surely Jesolo, famous for the equipped beaches fit for families and young people. In 40 minutes by car you can easily reach Rechsteiner, a winery born back in 1881, when a German consul bought the land. Certified for its sustainability and its attitude to local production and hospitality,  the winery is perfect for families and those who want to enjoy relax and fine wine products.

Discover wine experiences in Veneto.

Feeling home in a family winery in Campania

vineyards and wineries close to naples holiday destinations

Might be the name, might be the values of simplicity and hospitality on which  it is founded, but it’s impossibile not to feel home at Casa Setaro winery. It is located in an exclusive place, very close to the cost of the region and within the National Park of Vesuvio; it is one of the wineries most close to holiday destinations. The production enjoys  the properties of the volcanic soil, which allow to produce high quality wines with unique characteristics, together with many native vines.

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A wine tasting discovering Apulia

vine harvest in apulia, menhir salento winery

Apulia is known for its cultural heritage. This region enjoys many awards and is known all over the world for the quality of its productions, among which wine’s and oil’s stand out. Among the wineries close to holiday destinations, Menhir Salento is worth a mention. Founded and run by two brothers, we can appreciate the nature in which it is inserted and the passion of the family, from which a winery synonym of the apulian wines in the world was born, as they are able to produce a high quantity without lacking in quality.

Discover more about Apulia’s high quality products.

An authentic experience to discover the best  wineries in Sardinia

esxlusive winetastingin wineries close to sardinian hooliday destinations

There are people who cannot resist the most loved holiday destinations of Italy, like Costa Smeralda. A very well known destination, famous for being loved by vips. Other than that, together with the numerous beaches and the history of the place, Sardinia offers high quality products. In a few minutes by car from Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, most famous places of the Coast, you can reach Surrau, one of the most famous Sardinian wineries. It is a family run winery, whose peculiarity, other than the attention to the territory which reflects in  the quality of the wine production, is the meaning that  the winery gave to itself: a place where work becomes a seeable product, which grants quality.

Live an authentic Sardinian wine experience.

A see sight wine tasting in one of the most exclusive wineries of Sicily

wine tasting with a sea view in favignana sicily

The Big Butterfly on the sea. This is how Favignana island was defined in the 70s.  The island is the principal of the Egadi Islands in Sicily, and hides a world made not only of beautiful beaches and cultures. Tenuta di Calamoni, part of Firriato group, is located at the center coast of the island, and stands out for being one the the very few Italian wineries with a sea view, a peculiarity of just some wineries that are close the some of the best holiday destinations. The soil, constituted by marine sediments, together with the wind exposure, the weather and the chemical composition of the land allow the wine production of  the winery to get unique characteristics.

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