Drinking knowing: the importance of wine history

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Drinking wine is normally associated with good food, good company and, in general, good times. Wine consumers, anyhow, are starting developing a growing interest in wine that goes beyond the simple act of drinking it. First, knowing more about the wine characteristics, wine history and wine types became fashionable. Now, a real passion for wine has expanded and people want to know more about what’s behind the label.

The market

The wine market has been expanding worldwide in every possible direction. New wine-producing zones have sprung up mainly in the New World bringing new denominations and styles. More than 36 billion bottles are now produced in more than 1 million distinct labels by about 150,000 producers. The wine market is also more competitive every year.

Invariably people around the world maintain a closer relationship with wine that goes far beyond drinking an alcoholic beverage or something to pair with a good meal at a good restaurant or family reunion. People who drink wine are also interested in its history, its origin. In short, they are interested in knowing the tradition behind that wine label.

The importance of wine history and what’s next

Increasingly, specially in the new world, wine consumers want to have a fuller wine tasting experience. They seek to better understand what defines that terroir. What’s the tradition inside that bottle of wine.

What is needed is an expansion of the range of winery services and wine experiences. Just selling wine is no longer enough. We need to do this beyond the face-to-face winery visit. The next step is to allow people to increase their point of contact with wineries and to have a little more digital experience. It is necessary to bring to the virtual world the experience of a vineyard tour, a guided wine tasting and a cellar tour.

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