Wine Tasting in Barolo

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Have you ever tasted a Barolo, the king among the Italian wines? Find out more about the wine’s characteristics and some wine  tasting in Barolo, the homonym land where it is produced.

Barolo’s origins

Barolo is a DOCG – Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin located in Piedmont, northern Italy. Barolo is one of the most prestigious PGI – Protected Geographical Indication in Europe and worldwide.

Despite being designated DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) in 1966, the Barolo production area is older. In 1896, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture demarcated Barolo’s production area covering the municipalities of Barolo, La Morra, Castriglione Falleto, Serralunga d’Alba and a part of Monforte d’Alba. Over the years new regions in neighboring municipalities were added until they reached the existing producing region today. However, 87% of Barolo’s current production comes from vineyards located within the original demarcation area.

The wine’s production land

The Barolo zone can be broadly divided into two valleys. The Serralunga Valley to the east includes the communes of Castiglione Falletto, Monforte d’Alba and Serralunga d’Alba. Planted with soils higher in sand, limestone, iron, phosphorus and potassium, the wines of Serralunga Valley tend to be austere and powerful. The Central Valley to the west includes the communes of Barolo and La Morra with soils higher in clay, manganese and magnesium oxide. This region tends to produce wines with more perfumed aromas and velvety textures. These wines tend to be less tannic and full bodied than those from the Serralunga Valley. The most widely planted and productive region of the Barolo zone is La Morra, which is responsible for nearly a third of all wine labeled as Barolo and produces twice as much wine as the next leading zone of Serralunga d’Alba.

Where to live a wine tasting of Barolo

To visit Barolo vineyards and taste fabulous wines you can come with Divinea. Following you find a special selection of wineries where you can have your wine experience:

1 – Cascina Pugnane

wine tasting in barolo

With the winery dating back to 1600, Ghisolfi family has taken back the typical production of Barolo and Nebbiolo by themselves. The family decided to innovate the winery by using materials taken by the ancient Roman structures in the zone. You can enjoy three different types of tasting experiences at this historical winery.

2 – Agricola Gian Piero Marrone

wine experience in barolo region

The history of this winery is a journey in the evolution, among four generations, of a close family. Its origin date back to a visionary project of 1887 and develop until recent days, when each member of the family has a precise role in the functioning of the winery to guarantee the best quality and the best welcoming experieces.

3 – Cascina Sòt

wine tasting in cascina sot winery

On our website numerous experiences at Cascina Sót are present. Discover the wine tastings of one of the wineries in the heart of Barolo land, one of the most conscious about the environment and producing wine sustainably.

4- Diego Morra

smart tasting experience with diego morra

Ready for Smart Tasting? The innovative online tasting ideated by Divinea allows you to taste wines wherever you are by videocalling the producer who’s going to introduce you to the wine as well as in the winery. If Barolo is what you are looking for to tasting, Diego Morra offers two different online experiences to let you dive into Piedmont’s tastes.

5- Borgogno  

vineyards in barolo at borgogno winery

Borgogno is almost a synonym for Barolo. Its wine wine is known all over Italy and more by the real wine experts and it is recognized as one of the best. Founded in 1761, it is the oldest winery in Piedmont, but this is just one of the many historical recognitions of the winery’s production. Discover them all in a wine experience.


Discover Barolo’s world in many different ways. Find  yours on and discover more about our world!

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