Wine, history, and landscapes: the charm of the wineries near Perugia

Wineries near Perugia

Welcome to the heart of Umbria, where picturesque hills and centuries-old wine secrets come together to offer an unforgettable wine tourism experience. Wineries near Perugia, nestled amid breathtaking landscapes, represent the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the best wineries to visit, unveiling the secrets of Umbrian winemaking art. You will learn how local wineries have preserved the wine heritage of the region while providing unique tasting and guided tour experiences.

Allow yourself to be captivated by a world of flavors, scents, and stories that narrate the beauty of Perugia through the glass.

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The territory of Perugia: a wine tourism oasis

Perugia is a city surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The wineries in this area are nestled among rolling hills, dotted with lush vineyards and olive groves, providing an ideal setting for wine and gastronomic tourism.

This charming territory, with its medieval walls, historic towns, and panoramic views, creates the perfect atmosphere for exploring the culture and wine heritage of Umbria.

During leisurely walks through the vineyards and tastings of local wines, you’ll feel embraced by the natural beauty that surrounds the wineries of Perugia, making each visit an extraordinary experience.

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Wineries in Perugia: an invaluable heritage

Wineries near Perugia

Umbria is renowned for its rich winemaking tradition, dating back centuries. The wineries of Perugia stand as custodians of this age-old heritage. Here, viticulture is an art form passed down from generation to generation.

Local winemakers devote care and passion to the cultivation of indigenous grapes, such as Sagrantino, Grechetto, and Trebbiano. These unique grape varieties capture the essence of the Umbrian territory and transform into high-quality wines that tell the story and culture of Umbria with every sip.

The wineries of Perugia not only produce exceptional wines but also offer the opportunity to discover the production process and taste the fruit of the labor of generations of passionate winemakers.

Join us in exploring the best wineries to visit near Perugia!

Vini di Filippo

Vini di Filippo

Vini di Filippo is a reality driven by passion, respect, and love for agriculture.

It’s an extended family-owned business covering 30 hectares, overlooking Assisi, nestled on sun-drenched hills between Torgiano and Montefalco in the heart of Umbria.

At Vini di Filippo , you can taste wines that are a pure expression of the territory, made through nature-respecting practices. They embrace organic farming and adhere to the principles of biodynamics.

They offer various wine tourism experiences that will allow you to spend a day in close contact with nature and animals.

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Cantine Goretti

Wineries near Perugia: Cantine Goretti

The second winery we’re discussing has nurtured a love for the Umbrian hills, quality, and the magic of grape transformation into wine for four generations.

This story began in the early 1900s with the goal of creating high-quality wines while respecting the territory. The Goretti estate is located on hills near Perugia, known for their captivating landscapes and exclusive vineyards whose wines have gained international acclaim.

On their estate, the winemaking vocation of the place, the entrepreneurial experience of the family, and the passion for producing excellent-quality products come together, with attention to detail and the surrounding environment. Over time, the company has invested in the direct management of the vineyards to enhance the essential raw material for producing high-level wines.

Today, their winery offers a line of top-quality wines, the result of careful selection and care, representing the finest outcome of their work.

Furthermore, the estate features a recently restored 14th-century tower, which is the emblem of the Goretti labels. They offer guided tours of the estates and an aerial taxi service.

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Blasi Cantina

Wineries near Perugia: cantina blasi

The Blasi family has roots in Umbria dating back to Bino Blasi, born in 1893.

In 2009, Didi and Mauro Blasi began cultivating vineyards and built a modern winemaking cellar next to the aging cellar located in the underground of the Palazzo dei Conti Bertanzi, dating back to 1742.

Michele, currently in charge of the business, represents the fourth generation of the Blasi family, with the aim of leaving a significant mark on the territory.

The winery houses French oak barrels of various sizes, some of which are used for aging the “Impronta” white and red wines, while others are dedicated to aging the “Mammamia” dessert wine, which rests for 10 years before reaching the desired quality.

The Blasi family has chosen to cultivate high-quality indigenous Umbrian grape varieties such as Trebbiano Spoletino, Grechetto, and Sagrantino, alongside international grape varieties suitable for the microclimate and soils of their estate, including Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Their emphasis is on quality, without necessarily adhering exclusively to the stereotypes that would require exclusive attention to indigenous grape varieties.

Here, you can experience exclusive offerings and choose from various options that best suit your preferences.

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