Wineries near Alba: the best ones to visit

Cantine Alba

In the heart of Piedmont, surrounded by rolling hills and breathtaking vineyards, lies the city of Alba, renowned for its refined cuisine and exquisite wines. A journey to Alba is an extraordinary culinary and wine experience, and an essential part of this adventure is exploring the wineries in the area.

In this article, we will guide you through a tour of the most captivating wineries to visit near Alba, offering you a taste of the winemaking traditions and hidden treasures of this wine country. Get ready to discover extraordinary wines and fascinating stories with every sip!

Table of Contents

  1. The white truffle of Alba
  2. The noble wines of Piedmont: Barolo and Barbaresco
  3. Tenuta Baràc
  4. Castello di Perno
  5. Fortemasso
  6. Cascina Sòt

The White Truffle of Alba

Alba is renowned worldwide for its white truffle, a precious fungus that grows among the roots of trees in the surrounding hills.

The white truffle of Alba is considered one of the most exquisite in the world, and every autumn, the city hosts the International White Truffle Fair, an event that attracts visitors and chefs from every corner of the globe.

Truffle hunting is an art passed down from generation to generation, and local chefs use this underground treasure to create extraordinary dishes. Truffle tagliolini, truffle risotto, and other truffle delicacies are dishes that make every food lover dream.

The noble wines of Piedmont: Barolo and Barbaresco

Alongside the white truffle, the noble wines of Piedmont, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, are a fundamental part of Alba’s food and wine tradition. These liquid masterpieces come from the vineyards of the Langhe hills and are renowned for their complexity and robustness.

Barolo, often called “the king of wines” or “the wine of kings,” is known for its rich and structured flavor, while Barbaresco is celebrated for its elegance and finesse. These garnet red wines are a perfect complement to truffle-based dishes, creating a symphony of flavors that will enchant every gourmet.

Alba’s food and wine tradition, which combines the white truffle and the noble wines of Piedmont, represents a sensory feast that envelops every visitor in a warm and delicious embrace of the region.

Join us in discovering the best wineries near Alba where you can savor these culinary delights!

Tenuta Baràc

Tenuta Barac

Tenuta Baràc is a splendid estate located in the Piedmontese Langhe, near Alba. With over 25 hectares of land, of which 12 are dedicated to organically cultivated vineyards, the estate includes a restored farmhouse from the twentieth century.

The Langhe is renowned for its DOC and DOCG wines, including Barbaresco and Barolo, and Baràc recognizes the value of this region by producing high-quality classic wines.

You can explore their production through guided tours, ideal for both wine enthusiasts and those looking to start learning about the wine culture.

Discover more about the experiences offered by Tenuta Baràc!

Castello di Perno

Castello di Perno

In Monforte d’Alba, in the renowned Cru of the Barolo DOCG, you will find Castello di Perno, founded in 2013. The winery, characterized by a classic approach with a contemporary vision, focuses on elegance as a key element in its wines, rigorously respecting the characteristics of the local terroir in every vintage.

The cellar uses Austrian oak barrels from Stockinger, with capacities of twenty and fifty hectoliters, for the aging of Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, thus achieving the maximum expression of the wine and enhancing the Barolo DOCG Castelletto and Perno, considered treasures of the region.

The company is committed to organic viticulture and manages a 14.5-hectare estate, with special attention to individual vineyard plots. Among the most notable crus are Perno and Castelletto for Barolo, as well as the Cru Gramolere for Langhe Nebbiolo. Furthermore, the Castello di Perno Winery owns 2.5 hectares in the Cru Bricco di Nizza in Nizza Monferrato, dedicated to the production of Barbera d’Asti DOCG and Nizza DOCG. Finally, in Alta Langa, at an altitude of 700 meters, in the municipality of Serravalle Langhe, the company has another 3 hectares dedicated to the production of Langhe Nascetta DOC and Alta Langa DOCG sparkling wine using the Metodo Classico.

At Castello di Perno, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of Piedmontese wines and discover the various facets of this fantastic region.

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Also located in Monforte d’Alba there’s Fortemasso winery, an integral part of the AGB Group – Agricole Gussalli Beretta, a coalition of 5 wineries with a common goal: the production of excellent quality DOCG wines.

The vineyards of Fortemasso occupy the MGA Castelletto, located on very steep slopes between 360 and 450 meters above sea level, on sandy soils. This location offers a panoramic view of the Langhe, dominating the vineyards of Serralunga and Monforte.

The company, with a highly competent staff, is committed to following a production philosophy focused on the importance of the vineyard and the use of a gentle approach in the cellar, preserving the distinctive characteristics of the Nebbiolo grown in the MGA Castelletto.

Furthermore, the winery is underground and eco-sustainable, designed to preserve the surrounding rural landscape and ensure a modern and cutting-edge production process.

At Fortemasso, you have the opportunity to book experiences for every need, from a simple welcome tasting to a full immersion in the world of Barolo.

Cascina Sòt

Cascina Sòt

Cascina Sòt is an agricultural estate operating since 1975, located in Monforte d’Alba, in the heart of the Barolo wine production area.

After years of working as sharecroppers on the estate, Maria and Giuseppe acquired ownership and made winemaking their primary activity. The vineyards of Cascina Sòt are located in prestigious areas among the Barolo crus. Through meticulous vineyard care and constant attention to every phase of the winemaking process, the company creates unique wines, authentic expressions of Nebbiolo and the terroir from which they originate. Cascina Sòt adopts sustainable practices both in the vineyard and in the cellar, with a deep respect for the environment and the surrounding territory.

At Cascina Sòt, you will experience a complete tasting where you will be guided by one of the family members to discover the best wines of Piedmont accompanied by a platter of cured meats and cheeses.

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