Women in the wine world: discover with us 5 female wineries

On the occasion of 8 March, there is one more reason to raise your glass and celebrate the talent and determination of women in the world of wine! On Divinea.com we have decided to highlight the fundamental role of pink quotas in the wine industry.

In today’s article we would like to introduce you to 5 extraordinary wineries that are managed entirely or partly by passionate and enterprising women. These women not only carry on the winemaking tradition with mastery, but are also pioneers in innovation and sustainability.

We are proud to celebrate their leadership and contribution to the growth and diversification of the wine industry. Discover the fascinating stories behind these five wineries below.

1. Fasol Menin

Fasol Menin is a family-run winery owned by Giulia Tramet who carries on a young and dynamic mentality.

Nestled in the historical and productive heart of the renowned Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the winery combines ancient wine-making tradition with constant artistic research, maintaining a deep connection with the surrounding territory. The company, which is SQNPI certified for environmental sustainability and part of the ENOBEE project aimed at safeguarding bees, produces environmentally friendly wines that stand out for their pleasantness and elegance, representative of our territory.

The labels of their wines have been designed by local artists and are one of the common threads between art and wine that you will find in the cellar. A place where art, music and wine come together to create a magical atmosphere. Defined as a place of Art in the Hills, the winery collaborates with numerous national artists and musicians, so you will find numerous works exhibited both inside and outside the building, while jazz concerts and aperitifs with music are organized on the portico adjacent to the vineyard.

2. Carpineti

The Marco Carpineti winery is located in the hills on the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, a few kilometres from Rome. Run by the Carpineti family, in particular by their father Marco and their children Isabella and Paolo, it produces organically grown wines from Lazio.

Thanks to Marco’s entrepreneurial vision, the company has become renowned for the quality of its wines, cultivated in a way that respects nature. The soils are not worked, only controlled, allowing wild herbs to grow.

White grapes such as Bellone and Greco, and reds such as Nero buono di Cori, Montepulciano and Cesanese are cultivated. The winery combines modern techniques with ample space for maturation, guaranteeing the quality of these wines from the Lazio region, providing an authentic organoleptic experience for every customer.

3. Vini di Filippo

Passion, respect, love: this is what drives Vini di Filippo, a winery in the province of Perugia and owned by Emma Di Filippo. Passion for work and love for the family tradition of cultivating vineyards are nurtured by respect for nature.

With 30 hectares of land stretching over the hills overlooking Assisi, between Torgiano and Montefalco in the green heart of Umbria, Vini di Filippo practices careful and environmentally friendly agriculture. Firmly believing in the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance between man, land, plants and animals, the winery embraces organic farming while respecting the rules of biodynamics.

A forward-looking winery, certain that their choices and commitment will allow their children to continue the farming tradition, carrying on the work they love so much with pride and dedication.

4. L’Agona Vini

Founded by father Andrea and mother Nicoletta, l’Agona is run together with their 3 daughters: Giorgia, Nicoletta and Olivia. L’Agona is much more than a winery: it is an opportunity for the people who work there to rediscover themselves and regain possession of their existence. Each individual who is part of this reality brings with them a part of that vision, contributing to the creation of an environment that goes beyond mere work.

The Agona’s philosophy is founded on the conviction that wine production must be carefully followed, step by step, from the vineyard to the labelling of the bottles. Every step of the process is imbued with passion and dedication, with the aim of creating unique, high-quality wines. Furthermore, the commitment to environmental sustainability translates into eco-friendly practices that respect the surrounding ecosystem and value human labour as an indispensable element in wine production.

From harvesting to destemming, to bottling and labelling, the hands and hearts of the family and their collaborators work towards the common goal of offering unique products.

5. Tenuta Mazzolino

The story of the Tenuta Mazzolino began about forty years ago with grandfather Enrico when, on one of his trips, he was seduced by what everyone already called ‘the Pinot Noir hill’. ‍ Together with two friends and his grandmother Sandra, he started the winery in the Oltrepò Pavese. Tenuta Mazzolino is therefore an estate steeped in history, passion, dedication and, above all, great love for the vineyard and its traditions with total respect for the surrounding nature.

From grandfather to granddaughter, so in 2015 Francesca Seralvo began to write a new history of the company, implementing it with all the teachings received from her grandfather and enriching it with innovation and creativity. Together with a solid team of collaborators at her side, the company has long practised organic farming that respects nature. Constant work and strict respect for the entire vineyard ecosystem are the main ingredients for authentic wines with a strong identity.


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Go on Divinea.com and discover them all!

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